2020 Education Panelist

These panelists will be speaking and have booth space on Friday, September 18, from 1-5 p.m. and 6-10 p.m. during the Education Panels portion of the WNC Bigfoot Festival at the Marion Community Building.

Charlie Raymond – Founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization

Charlie Raymond has researched Bigfoot in Kentucky for almost three decades and has documented well-over 300 encounters. As a passionate, die-hard, boots-on-the-ground researcher, he has led numerous private and public investigations, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and evidence in the process.

Charlie has appeared on the Animal Planet, History Channel and BBC. Recently, he published his first book, “Bluegrass Bigfoot: Encounters with the Kentucky Wildman.”

Matt Seeber – Founder and President of www.EastTennesseeBigfoot.org

Matt Seeber has been investigating Bigfoot sightings and theories since 2005. Matt was born and raised in East Tennessee, but did spend a few year in Central Texas and Western Missouri. Matt has had an interest in the subject of Bigfoot since he watched “The Mysterious Monsters” on television in the 1970s. That interest became a full-time passion for him in 2005 when his then 15-year-old son had an encounter at their home in Roane County. Since that time, Matt’s organization has been seeking information and taking reports in regards to Bigfoot and the occasional lesser known cryptoids.

Terry Windell – Co-Founder Carolina Cryptid Field Research Team

Growing up, Terry Windell spent many summers as a child and teenager on his grandparent’s 200-acre farm in South Carolina. Terry would often have “odd experiences” as he walked alone exploring the woods – almost always feeling as if he was being watched.

Eventually, this led to a definitive experience that left him wondering just exactly who or what was in the woods with him. Since then, Terry has been actively investigating Bigfoot in the field with various groups, and most lately he helped found the Carolina Cryptid Field Research Organization.

David Pardue – Co-Founder Carolina Cryptid Field Research Team

David Pardue is a native of North Carolina, who had his first Bigfoot experience at the age of 16 at his Aunt’s farm. This sparked a deep interest in him understanding the 6-foot-tall, bipedal creature that he saw run across his aunt’s tobacco field.

After years of research, David joined the Bigfoot Research Organization and was field investigator from 2006-2014. He then moved to Carolina Bigfoot Field Research in 2014, where he researched until 2018. In 2018, David founded the Carolina Cryptid Field Research team with the help of Terry Windell.

Daniel Beniot – Founder of East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization

Daniel Beniot comes from the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. He is a longtime outdoorsman and wildlife and Bigfoot researcher.

His focus and studies have been on various wildlife including the independent study of primate behaviors and comparing those behaviors to what we have living among us in order to understand the elusive mystery that is Bigfoot.

Christian McLeod Asheville Cryptid and Paranormal Society

Christian MacLeod – Director and Lead Investigator of the Asheville Cryptid and Paranormal Society

Christian MacLeod has over 24 years of experience investigating Cryptid and paranormal activities.

He has a passion for studying and preserving The Native American Tribe culture, folklore, and legends, he also knows about dealing with topics such as The Occult, UFO’s, Forbidden Archeology, The Freemasons, The Knights Templar, Secret Societies and many other Governmental cover-up allegations and Conspiracy theories.

Lori Wade – Investigator at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization

Lori Wade has researched the Bigfoot phenomenon for over 7 years. She is an Investigator with BigFoot Field Research Organization (BFRO). 

Since January 2015, Lori has attended and been a leader of 26 expeditions, and conducted field research on her own. She has hosted 8 BFRO expeditions in North Georgia over the last 3 years and will continue pursuing the creature in this active area, in the future.

In 2017, Lori was involved in a 10-day private excursion into the interior of British Columbia with close friends and fellow investigators.

Lori has had 2 class A sightings since beginning her research.

Rick Reles – Investigator at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization

Rick Riles is a BFRO investigator currently living in Western North Carolina. He recently retired after 37 years of a professional business life, where he traveled the world frequently.

In 2010 while driving across Northern Wisconsin with another business associate, Rick saw a Sasquatch cross the road ahead of the duo’s vehicle. This sparked his interest and passion for Bigfoot research.

Rick has attended and helped lead dozens of expeditions in the U.S. and Canada, and speaks at conferences also. His Field Guide to Bigfoot Structures is in its third edition.

Rick is also a partner in IKNOWSQUATCH, a Wisconsin LLC, that sells leading edge Sasquatch related merchandise.

The North Carolina Squatch Watchers

This four man group based out of Western North Carolina has heavily investigated a private area of land that has flourished with Bigfoot activity as well as some possible paranormal/alien activity from time to time. David Martin, Taylor Cook, Toby Bolick and Tate Fulbright spent years performing their private investigating and werer featured on a local television station called Rex Allen Theatre Presents on channel 14 WHKY. In 2017, the group decided to branch out to YouTube and social media to see how big of an impact they could make in their audience’s lives. Their faith-first brotherhood and boots-on-the-ground method of research drew attention from celebrities such as NFL players which they now consider close friends and members of their group as well as thousands of viewers around the world. They continue to research their private location as well as other requested locations and they strive to always bring the hunt to you.

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